Trepanier Tajima delivers the highest quality representation
at a fraction of what big law firms charge.

We represent large multinational corporations, religious institutions, trusts and estates, small businesses and individual clients. Our flexible engagements provide legal representation that fit our clients’ specific needs.
Based in Valencia, California, north of Downtown Los Angeles, we have low overhead and pass those savings along in reasonable billing rates.

We typically will not charge an up-front retainer.

We accept clients by referral only. If you are interested in hiring us, please ask for a referral from an existing or former client, someone we know personally, a judge or another member of the bar.

Our attorneys were trained at some of the nation’s most respected law firms including.

We do not charge for initial consultations or analysis until you sign an engagement letter with us. We may do extensive analysis and counseling before we ask you to sign an engagement letter. We want to understand your case and make sure we are a good fit. Until an engagement letter is signed, it is the client’s job to watch the statute of limitations.

In 2015, we started from scratch with a paperless office. All documents are stored in NetDocuments, a cloud-based document management system. There are no legacy paper files to maintain and our lawyers can access files from anywhere in the world.

We use the industry leading LexisNexis legal research portal to obtain forms, statutes and case law. This allows us to get the answer to your question quickly.

We may outsource certain legal tasks like court filing, service of process, proofreading and eDiscovery to lower cost professionals without any administrative markup. We do not mark up charges for private investigators, expert witnesses, or third-party vendors.

Our engagements do not require that clients pay for business class travel for domestic flights; we will fly economy.

We are open to discussing alternative billing methods such as contingency, partial contingency, tiered hourly rates, flat fees, monthly budgets and other ways to make sure what you pay makes sense for your case.

Disclaimer: Your engagement letter terms can and will vary from the above. This page sets forth our typical policies and does not make any promises as to terms for any specific engagement.